First of all, we do not charge to have your song on .

To get your song on tooAmple is quite straightforward and easy. We put up artists songs on our website for and these are the things we will need to put up your song.

Audio file format in .mp3

The audio file MUST be in .mp3 as it is the web standard for audio files, compatible with all browsers and audio players.

If the audio file has meta-tags, they should not have tags containing another website. You can edit the meta-tags by going to the Properties of the song. Even better, fill in the meta-tags section of the audio file with the proper information of Artist Name, Song Title, Year of Release. The Comments field should have and if the song does not belong to an album, populate that field with ‘’ as well.

The official artwork

An artwork will be needed when submitting your music. While the norm is for most cover art for song releases to be of a square dimension, we always edit song artwork to be rectangular. Some of the specific dimensions we use are 800X800, 600X600 (even though this is being phased out). Submitting a cover art in one of these dimensions lessens the work for the publisher and still ensures that your cover art remains attractive (assuming it was, in the first place).

A friendly advice is, get a professional to do the artwork for your song. It helps in your song getting clicks.

A song description/bio

Also attach a short description of the song you need published. Some details you can include is the concept of the song, what it means (especially if the words are not in English), and the name of the producer. Aim to give information without overburdening the person looking to download the song. Short and straight to the point is the best approach, as a lot of people checking out the post might be hearing you of the first time. You do not want to get them bored and dissuade them from clicking download.

You can also include a short bio of yourself and your channels where our interested readers can connect with you.

While we will definitely edit, still ensure that your song description/bio is well written in English, contains no glaring grammatical errors and unnecessary exaggerations. Also write as if you are addressing an audience from a neutral position.

NB: We request for song descriptions and bios from upcoming artists because we likely do not know you and getting this information is a hassle. For established, well-known artists, this is not necessary.


Send the collective information to or to our music publishers at Any email or contacts asides these is not from us and we will not be held liable for any fraudulent activity. Please be warned.

Remember to include the artwork and audio file as attachments while putting the song description/bio in the body of the email.

All we ask from you is to share the tooAmple link to your song the most 

Songs that gather the most views based on their initial momentum are publicized for free to our huge social media following, therefore resulting in more publicity for the artist. Who knows? You could even get enough downloads to be ranked on our charts alongside top Nigerian artists.

For more information you can Contact Us

Good luck and God bless your hustle.



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