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4 Things Ladies wish for Christmas














This applies to the single girl. African women are raised to be homely and family-oriented, and so a majority of them who are above 25 and yet unmarried have the intense longing for a husband with whom they can start a family with.

While most of them will never admit it, a glance on their wishlist will reveal snagging a “husband” as Number 1. If you are dating a Nigerian girl, this Christmas might just be the best time to propose to her, that way you help both Santa and yourself.

Also, if you are a single brother, ready for marriage and searching for your ‘missing rib’…go find a sister and propose.










Gym membership

Keeping fit and looking trim is the new trend for Nigerian girls, especially those in Lagos, and so, a majority of them are saving their hard earned registered in gym – the idea basically is to look like most of the celebrities.

Unfortunately, not all gyms offer great services and those who are unable to gain gym membership at the top sweatshops where they can get great work out, keep wishing for membership. They hope that somehow, Santa will touch someone to get them registered in one of the gyms, and for free too.









Calorie- Free Alcohol

Christmas is a time for merriment and celebration. And truth be told, there is no party without alcohol! Unfortunately, drinking every night at the festivities is all fun and games until it is January and you look less like Toke Makinwa and more like Lepacious Bose (who is looking a whole lot like Toke Makinwa these days).

Alcohol in some way, tends to add fat to the thighs, belly and arms. So, some girls who believe they can eat their cake and have it now want calorie-free alcohol. Let’s hope Santa has something in store.






An unlimited cash account

Forget Nigerian girls, every single human in the country and the world would do almost anything for an unlimited expense account.

Shoes, clothes, hair, spa time…they all cost money, and usually, for the average lady, it is a bit of a challenge getting everything you need to stay on top of the fashion game.

Also with an unlimited expense account, it would easy to set up dream businesses and live an organized life. While they know there is a slim chance of this wish coming true, these girls still include it on their list in faith.


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    December 12, 2015 at 11:59 am

    i love this kip it up @tooample for keeping me up to date

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    December 12, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    My favouraute music site that gives me what i want at the right tym, anytime, anyday, anywhere. Loveeeeeeeee you guys

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Reekado Banks in Police Trouble for Failing to Perform at a Wedding He Was Paid N2M



Mavins singer, Reekado Banks has been served a notice by the Nigerian Police to refund a couple after he refused to show up and perform at their wedding.

The case which involves his manager, Temi Solomon and a Media Personality is currently being handled at the Ogba Police Area Command in Lagos.

According to investigations, the singer was contracted on behalf of a couple, by the OAP to perform at their wedding but he failed to show up, and he at the same time did not deem it fit to refund the couple the payment they had made in advance to him.

To this effect, Uwa Idahosa, a Benin based Media Personality and comedian who contracted the singer on behalf of the couple, dragged Reekado Banks to court but the singer’s manager said they could not refund the full amount, but could only part with N800,000.

Inside sources have also revealed that the Police Authorities have given the singer and his manager, Temi an ultimatum till Monday to return the sum of 2million naira to the couple. If they fail, they will be made to face the wrath of the law.

At the moment, Idahosa and the management of Reekado Banks manager are waiting till Monday to see if the singer will honour the Ultimatum served by the Police.
When Reekado’s manager, Temi, was contacted on phone to confirm if the allegation was true, he replied harshly on the issue, in a stern voice saying:

All the allegations are not true, I will rather let the matter remain as it is. When the right time comes, we will let the public know what transpired between both parties.


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BBNaija Star, TBoss Has Stylishly Become An Instagram ‘Beggarwoman’ Begs Rita Dominic, Toke Makinwa For Clothes



Tokunbo Idowu popularly known and referred to as Tboss has shown us how to be an instagram beggar and still remain classy.

The Big Brother Naija star who became popular after her naked boobs made a debut on national TV made it known that she seriously wants to have a feel of the closets of some of the most fashionable and best dressed ladies in Africa.

In her Instagram story, TBoss stylishly declares her great desire to raid the closets of OAP Toke Makinwa, Actress Rita Dominic and South African Media person Bonang!

It would have been a passable joke but TBoss went as far as mentioning the ladies and also tagging their handles so they could get the notification and probably invite her to raid. She also mentioned that whatever she takes would be hers as she has no plans of returning them.

Now this is how to beg and retain your dignity… she says:

“If I could teleport myself anywhere this afternoon, it would be straight into Bonang-M, Toke Makinwa and Rita Dominic’c closets help myself to all them goodies and then go about my business and travel around the world… I might oright not bring back your stuff, so sorry in advance! “


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Actress Chioma Nwosu Bang Toyin Abraham for Consider Other Artist like Shit



Nollywood actress, Chioma Nwosu has taken it upon herself to be the voice of an unknown upcoming star to blast actress and movie producer Toyin Abraham for allegedly treating them like ‘nobody’ on the set of her new movie, Seven and A Half Date!

Chioma who vented on behalf of the actor, made her feelings known about the popular actress in a post on her page, describing how many actors were neglected on set after a call had been put out for extras.

Actress Toyin Abraham had put out word days ago that she would be needing some extras for a wedding scene that would be shot the next day.

Apparently, some aspiring stars had obeyed the clarion call hoping to get a shot at appearing in the movie alongside many top Nollywood stars, but as fate and luck would have it, the scene was postponed after the extras had reportedly waited for twelve hours.

According to Chioma, the production was filled with “aggression, abusive words, confusion and the likes”

“Toying Aimakhu walked up to us at 8pm with the news that shooting would no longer hold that night” the post revealed.

Apparently, the cast had been left stranded and an actress had taken it upon herself to ask for remuneration. This hadnt gone well with Toyin who reminded her that as an actor, there must be sacrifices and also yelled at her.

“Shame on you Toyin Abraham ” Chioma had emphasized leaving many to wonder if she has a personal score to settle with Ms Abraham.


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