A Lady expose  …18+

Justin Bieber has another nude picture scandal on his hands after some questionable selfies involving his package hit the net.

This time the Biebs claims the risque pics are not the real deal and unlike the response to his Bora Bora full body photos, Bieber’s legal team is staying silent on what they claim are fake photos.

Justin’s junk pictures are definitely explicit, and NSFW.

Justin Bieber is laughing at the fake nude pics according to TMZ on Friday, December 19.

His team hasn’t bothered to send cease and desist letters like they did for the invasive Bora Bora snaps because they don’t think the pictures are authentic and there’s not enough of Justin in the picture to prove one way or another.

Rather than respond to the very suggestive photos, Bieber’s handlers think the controversy will go away much faster if they just don’t react at all.

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Nude Pictures Here.

See The Photos Here, Here and Here


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