Guaranteed you’ve been in a conversation with a girl and you were like “Ugh, I just wish there were emoji’s to express this!” Like yea there are now! As sexting is more than just a conversation, with the Durex stickers- it can be an art, a creative medium through which to express your inner most sexual desires. Any grown man or woman knows there is no need to be coy when it comes to being an avid “sexter” as you are empowered enough to know what you want and ask for it.
Being comfortable enough to discuss your sexuality is key to having a safe and better life. Now the Durex BBM emoji is an easy way to playfully with your partner on an intimate level. These are some of the stickers:

2 Hands: This lil’ number is like the missionary position of the emoji sex game. It can also be “Fingering approach” for fore play.

Eggplant: Easily seen as a representative of the male genitals. The eggplant is always a solid go-to (pun intended) for a normal-sized dude.

Cherries: The cherries are mostly used to sexually represent a normal size female breasts.

Pilled Off Maize: The Maize is a more descriptive way to sexually refer to a male part especially uncircumcised male genitals.

Apple: A sexual representation of the female buttocks.
: This is quite popular as it is used to describe a more than average male sexual organ.

Missionary Style sticker (Safe Sex)

Banana: This another solid go to describe a normal sized dude

Durex Condom (Safe Sex)

Titty Sexing: The egg plant in between what watermelon, you get the picture.  If you want your partner to hump your chest but don’t feel like saying it out loud, these emoji will come to your rescue.

Straw berry: An easy go to for dudes to describe the female sexual organ.

DTS:  It may not be your go-to position, but if you’re sexting and want to let your partner know you’re DTS (down to starfish), this emoji combo will serve you well.

Mouth Action: The emoji combo represents the pre-intimacy act. If you want to tell your partner you can swallow during Mouth Gig this will just be suitable.

Hand Job: The emoji combo is a go to represent jerking.

Shower or Bath tub Sex: These sticker combo will come to your rescue if you are trying to describe a bath sex.

Banana and Doughnut: These emoji combo can be used to represent a lot of sexual foreplays, Mouth Action, licking etc.

Doggy Style: Fancy poodle emoji is the only option for expressing your desire for doggy. It’s so much classier than the little mutt that most people would gravitate toward. And is there a more stylish and effortlessly cool emoji than sunglasses guy? Not that I’m aware.

Cunnilingus: You have to give love to get love, this is the easiest way for the ladies to tell the guys to give some oral magic.

Situation: Well a creative emoji for guys to tell ladies they are Hot or hard.

Getting Kinky: The combo is a take of 50 shades, it can be used to express ones kinky desire. There’s like a 11% chance that this will work, if you don’t want to say too much.

So whether you’re hitting up a cutie you met at the bar, sliding into a girl’s DMs, or chatting with your partner, Let’s face it, these Durex BBM stickers is probably going to do better than any creepy word you use.

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