5 Deadly Things That Will Occur If Danfo Buses Are Phased Out In

Many Lagosians are surprised to hear Danfo buses will be phased out. This has made headline in the last few days with of the new buses trending online.

Many are scared that the eradication will have an adverse effect on their day to day commute..

We will like to here your opinion. Tell us the effect this will have on you as well as the society.

Let’s start with these 5 points while you add yours..

High Rate of Unemployment
One Danfo bus puts food on several tables.. The driver, conductor, the mech, Agbero, Executives/Chairman etc.. even the Men In Black sef. Closing that door will render many of these guys jobless.

High Rate Of Crime
I am sure you know the next best job for these guys… (Hooliganism). However, a gradual change that also provides alternative jobs for the affected may mitigate crime rate.

Increase in Transportation Fare
Same way Uber is usually expensive than that 1985 VW Passat “Kabu Kabu“. These new buses will be expensive except they are heavily subsidised as promised by the Government.

Reduced Accident
Danfo has been maiming and killing Lagosians since…

So much recklessness and oversabi. I even entered one with a bad throttle cable recently.. You won’t believe that the conductor went to sit in the boot controlling the throttle with his hand. The driver was even shouting at the conductor “tena si, tena si” (move faster, move faster).. See me jumping down like Vin Diesel.

Lagos Roads will Become Dull

Whether it is good or bad, these bus drivers can light up your day.

4 conductors can want to drag you into their bus at the same time, some that don’t have change will merge you with another passenger you don’t know from Adam. They will sha create one thing that will make you argue. Sometimes, they crack you up.

Add yours in the comment section..


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