Wounded As African Migrants Rejoice After Struggling To Reach Spain.

These were the dramatic scenes as hundreds of bloodied and emotional African immigrants exploded with joy after storming a border fence to reach Spain this morning. The men shouted: ‘Viva España’, ‘We You España’ and ‘Boza, boza’ – ‘Victory, victory’ as they beat their chests in a show of joy at making it to Europe.

Many were bare chested and barefoot – and others were bleeding from deep cuts they had suffered after managing to reach Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco.
Local authorities said they believed around 900 immigrants had attempted to storm the fence – and than 400 had managed to cross it.
Some of the immigrants were filmed jumping up and down with joy as they turned to others near the top of the fence who had failed to get across and were still stuck in Morocco.


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