Trump Attacks Media Again As He Holds Campaign One Month After Presidency

After a rocky first month in office, was back on the campaign trail on Saturday, using a rally to attack the media again while boasting of his achievements. The sought reassurance from his loyal supporters in the friendly and familiar atmosphere of the rally in Florida, where he is spending his third consecutive weekend.

Landing on Air Force One as the sun set near a hangar filled with thousands of people, Trump revelled in the crowd and listed promises he had kept since taking office last month.
These included starting the process of building a wall on the Mexican border, deporting immigrants and pulling the country out of a trade agreement with Asian nations.

“Life is a campaign. Making our country great again is a campaign,” he told reporters on Air Force One when asked about criticism that he was starting to campaign so early.

The rally marks an especially early start to the 2020 election campaign.

The billionaire businessman told the crowd he wanted to speak to them without the filter of “fake ,” his standard critique of the journalists and media organisations that cover him.

The White House has been unhappy with stories portraying Trump’s first weeks as chaotic.

His short tenure has been marked by turmoil over a contentious ‘Muslim ban’ , an executive order limiting from seven Muslim-majority countries, and the resignation of his adviser.


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