Lagos Big Boy, Tomiwa, who was paraded over the weekend in Egbeda area of Lagos after reportedly caught with a stolen gold chain, has taken to to recount what really happened.

Tomiwa whose hair was shaved off after he was caught with the stolen gold chain, wrote as he shared a of him confronting his friend, Pablo who reportedly gave him the chain to keep;

“This to inform the general public that I never involve myself in the theft of gold that was posted on yesterday was a set up by a traitor who I call as friend,have never in my life involve in this such mess before the guy on arrow is more like a family friend to the owner of the chain and he brought the chain to me to keep which i immediately ask him for what? But listen to the video and the own truth.” However this post was deleted as he claimed his account was hacked. He wrote again;

“I woke up this morning to discover that the videos I posted yesterday was deleted from my wall. Yes they hacked my account over night. I’m reposting this video again as a proof of my innocence. Please kindly help me re-share till this video gets to every corner that this false has wandered to. I’m not a THIEF!! I repeat.. I’M NOT A THIEF.

Neither would I stoop so low to the extent of stealing a handchain. I wasn’t the culprit. I went through hell trying to prove my innocence to the public by making a secret video at the culprits house yesterday…. pablo stole the chain & asked me to keep it for him.

I had no idea that it was stolen. I later found out and I immediately reported the situation on ground to his , his asked me to cover him up & said he would scold him once he gets home and promised to sort it out with the owner of the chain as they are family friends.


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