2019 edition of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija 2019) is here, set  to commence this february and we’ve got you the audition venues, dates and locations for the TV reality show.

Meanwhile getting picked at the audition for the reality tv show us taxing, requiring a great deal of endurance and effort.

In bid to get you prepared for the auditioning, we bring you tips on how to get picked during the auditions, as advised by Former BBNaija housemates including Soma, BamBam, and Lolu.

  • Dress nice
  • Dress cool
  • Brush your teeth properly, you can also use mouth spray for fresh breath, don’t chew gum in the presence of the judges
  • Smell nice
  • Be honest, don’t fake to be someone you are not
  • Make sure you show the productive side of you in terms of entrepreneurship
  • Work on your spoken english
  • Be yourself, if you are razz show it, if you are gentle show it, rather than faking to be who you are not, the judges are smart and intelligent, they can easily sense a lot from you
  • Be confident, don’t be scared to face the judges, any little sign of fear can get you disqualified
  • Speak when you are asked a question
  • Don’t speak if a question’s not been asked
  • If any of the judges should interrupt when you are speaking, you are expected to pause for a moment
  • Listen more, understand a question, and let your answer be an intelligent one

Good luck

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