Seun Runzy – Mama (Tribute to Monisola Omoniyi)

Life of a Priceless Jewel-Mrs Monisola Omoniyi (née Adegoke).

A virtuous, humble, generous, so graceful, meek and great woman, Sabainah Monisola Omoniyi was born on the 10th of November 1946 to late Pa Samuel Adegoke and late Mama Elizabeth Folayemi Adegoke (née Omoniyi). She is a descendant of Ojomu ruling house of Ondo Kingdom. She was baptized at the age of 10 at Saint’s Stephens Anglican church Agbabu Ondo.

Mrs Omoniyi after leaving St Stephen Anglican School Agbabu- Ondo went on to acquire skills in fashion design including sewing and knittings works which she later retired from to pursue her love for nature. This led to her decades of experience in timber trading and throughout her professional life she maintained a reputation as a fair, straight-forward, and extremely resourceful woman.

It is worthy to note that before she ventured into timber business which was introduced to her by her Aunt, late Mrs Omorisola Babajide, Mama was also a restaurateur.

Amazingly as destiny would have it, Mama’s better half whom she had all her children for also bore the same name as her mother’s maiden name.

However, until her death, she was an industrious, prayerful, liberal and caring mother to many people. To everyone who came across her, what stood her out the most was her caring nature, how she was able to accommodate, listen to people’s problems and was willing to help however she could without any iota of hesitance.

Her God-fearing nature was reflected in her relationship with others, encouraging them to look to God regardless of any situation they are faced with.

The most dominant part of Mrs Omoniyi’s personality was her ability to love which was usually noticed when she spoke of her children and others.

The prayer of every parent is that they will not bury their children, Mama is survived by her great fruits and gifts from God. They are:
Mrs Omosileola Adesina
Mr. Olaseinde Omoniyi
Mr. Richard Omoniyi
Mr. Felix Omoniyi
Mrs. Grace bello
Mr. Temidayo Omoniyi

Others include: Sisters, Brothers, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren etc.

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